News & Updates

Saturday, May 27 - 2023-05-26

GATO will be submitting a proposal for the Democratic Inputs to AI, a grant by OpenAI to award $100,000 grants to develop proof-of-concepts for a democratic process that could answer questions about what rules AI systems should follow.

Friday, May 26 - 2023-05-26

David Shapiro appeared on the Escaped Sapiens podcast, hosted by Shane Farnsworth. Watch the video here!

Friday, May 19 - 2023-05-19

The first edition of the GATO Framework is available for download

Thursday, May 18 - 2023-05-18

The main GATO Framework is presently about 25% written, and the community is over 90 strong.

We are excited to see research pointing to self-aligning AI!

Principle-Driven Self-Alignment of Language Models from Scratch with Minimal Human Supervision 

The GATO community is broadly pleased (with some criticisms) with the recent Senate hearing on AI, which included Sam Altman, Gary Marcus, and Christina Montgomery