Getting Started With the GATO Framework

Welcome to GATO, a global, decentralized movement to advance the principles of axiomatic alignment in AI. There's no requirement for a tech background - we welcome communicators, teachers, educators, academics, politicians, lawyers, artists, and all who believe in our mission.

We understand that the GATO Framework is a multi-layered, as is the problem of AI alignment. Be patient and give yourself time to wrap your mind around this. 

Ways to Get Involved

1. Download and Implement the GATO Framework

Kickstart your journey with GATO by downloading the Framework here. Read it, share it, and implement it in your own way. As a decentralized movement, you don't need our permission. Your first step can be as simple as sharing our vision with your network.

2. Apply to Join the Main GATO Group

Ready to commit more? Consider applying to join the main GATO group here. We have opened up the server to the public as of June 23rd, with tiers of access!

3. Start Your Own GATO Group

You can form your own local GATO group. Check out Chapter 14 "Building Your GATO Community" in the main GATO Framework for guidelines. Gather like-minded individuals and make a real-world impact. You can create local Meetup groups or online communities, such as on Discord, Reddit, and other social platforms.

4. Find an Existing GATO Group

Search platforms like for local chapters of GATO. There are also plenty of online AI alignment communities you can join. While they are not explicitly GATO-aligned, we all share the same mission.