Global Cooperation on AI Safety

A path to safe AI

As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize our world, it is crucial to ensure that these systems align with human values and ethical principles. Addressing AI alignment and control challenges has never been more critical.

Introducing the Global Alignment Taxonomy Omnibus (GATO), a comprehensive, multi-layered framework designed to facilitate global cooperation in addressing AI alignment and control challenges. GATO unites model alignment, system architecture, network systems, corporate policies, national regulations, international agreements, and global consensus under a single, cohesive strategy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a fully decentralized and federated approach to solving AI alignment and the control problem. Through the creation and dissemination of documents, data, code, and multimedia, we aim to make the GATO Framework easy to understand, adopt, and share across the globe.

Together, we can ensure that AI systems remain ethically grounded, transparent, and controllable, ushering in a new era of peace, stability, abundance, and prosperity for all. Join us as we shape the future of AI alignment and address the control problem head-on.

GATO Layers Overview

GATO is divided into seven layers to compartmentalize our efforts. Each layer is progressively broader in scope.

Expand each layer below for a short summary.

1. Model Alignment

Focuses on individual AI model alignment with human values and ethical principles. This layer includes fine-tuning, handling mesa-optimization, incorporating ethical guidelines, and implementing AI safety measures like reward modeling and distributional reinforcement learning. It aims to ensure that models are designed to be intrinsically aligned with human values.

2. Autonomous Systems

Deals with architectural patterns, cognitive architectures, and system design. It encompasses system robustness, security, resilience, modularity, and interoperability. At this level, emphasis is placed on creating AI systems that work synergistically to maintain alignment, share insights and learnings, and provide a coherent and cohesive response to various challenges.

3. Decentralized Network

Focuses on networked systems like federated systems, blockchain, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This layer emphasizes algorithmic consensus and oversight, ensuring that networks of AI systems can work together effectively and maintain alignment across multiple nodes.

4. Corporate Adoption

Addresses organizational responsibility, governance, and oversight in the development and deployment of AI systems. It includes the creation of AI ethics committees, responsible AI practices, and internal policies that guide the company's approach to AI development.

5. National Regulation

Involves the establishment of national guidelines, laws, and regulations that govern AI development, deployment, and usage. This layer ensures that AI systems align with societal values and expectations while promoting responsible innovation and competitiveness.

6. International Treaty

Focuses on the creation of international agreements and treaties that set global standards for AI development, safety, and ethical considerations. This layer aims to foster cooperation among countries and ensure that AI technologies are developed in a manner that benefits humanity as a whole.

7. Global Consensus

Represents the highest level of alignment, where global consensus on AI ethics, values, and principles is achieved. This layer emphasizes the importance of continuous dialogue, collaboration, and learning among diverse stakeholders to ensure AI technologies remain beneficial and aligned with human values. 

For more information on the seven layers, click the link below. This is a living document and a work in progress, we will periodically publish complete omnibuses.

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